Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Give me Liberty, or give me death?

I leave for Liberty in 2 days. And I'm anxious. I'm not looking forward to having to start everything over again. I had become so comfortable with my life at Belmont, and I had established myself there. My first year of school was a time that I wouldn't trade for anything. I learned so much that year, but I don't want to repeat it. It took me a year to find my place at Belmont. I want this transition to be easier than the first one. I want to enjoy my time at Liberty to the fullest. I want God's will in my life there. That's my prayer: to learn and grow and live.


Kindall said...

Maybe you'll pull a DC Talk and make friends to become famous with at Liberty. But don't forget about me. :)

Kristen said...

Better yet, maybe you will run into each member of DC talk simultaneously and convince them to reunite. And remember even the basketball team will soon be "your boys". I love you Rebecca!!