Friday, January 23, 2009


It's been a while since I've updated this thing. Why?

1. College is keeping me busy
2. I didn't have my computer until about 4 days ago-ish.

Liberty is treating me pretty well. As well as can be expected in a place with 10 million rules. Every once in a while I'll feel a little rebellious, but I've basically accepted that I now attend Super Conservative U, and that's what I wanted.

It got below 0 once. That wasn't fun.

I'm still trying to adjust to certain changes that have occured around me. It's tough. I need Jesus desperately.

My room mates are pretty awesome. I consider myself blessed that I now live with two girls I can get along with.

These past few days were spiritual emphasis week. Clayton King was our speaker. I heard him speak 4 times, and I have come to this conclusion, Clayton King is awesome. I wish he spoke every week. He's HILLARIOUS, but he uses his humor to gain your attention. And it works. I had an epiphany, at least, that's what I'm calling it. I kind of have this mission in my head for my life. A way for God to use me, I guess. We'll see how that works out.

Last night, the mates and I were just chillin in our room and we hear this guy singing opera, so we look out the window. Loe and behold, some dude is serenading some chick with Ave Maria. I laughed so hard, I got abs.

Currently, Courtney and I are watching the Dungeons and Dragons club sword fighting outside our window. I have never seen anything like it. 8 people, on a field (one girl is wearing a cape), sword fighting with random sword-like objects. Amazing.


Kindall said...

I have a cape...

I miss you, but I'm glad Super Conservative U is treating you well. Maybe I'll call and serenade you later.

Kristen said...

Dungeons and Dragons Club at Super Conservative U?

Becca said...

Well, they weren't exactly the dungeons and dragons club. That's just what I call them. I found out that they're this club that reinacts battles and stuff every weekend.