Tuesday, February 10, 2009

La. La. Heh. Lalalala.

I figured I should update this thing.

Nothing super exciting has happened recently.

I finally saw Madagascar 2. It was joyous as I expected it to be.

Right now, my window is open (being able to actually open my window is something that is really awesome about my dorm room.) and it smells like a campfire outside. I love it. I equate campfire with winter. I like experiencing a real winter, even if it's super cold.

I drew a hallway and a corner of my room for drawing class, and I'm not as bad as I thought.

I've straightened my hair almost every day since I've been here. Mainly because when I wear my hair curly, I let it air dry, and I can't do that when it's 15 degrees outside. So, when I wear it curly, people are all "Oh my gosh. Your hair is so cute curly." As opposed to when I'm at home and people say "Oh my gosh. Your hair looks great straight." I think it's funny.

I have watched almost every episode of every season of The Office since I've been at Liberty. The Office has officially secured a spot of one of my top 5 favorite shows. Watch it.

My room mate has introduced me to Mitchell Davis on Youtube. He's kinda funny, but he's got nothing next to Barats and Baretta.

Poptarts taste better hot.

I love going to basketball games. And doing the cupid shuffle with Tyler. Except for last night when THEY DIDN'T PLAY IT!

Syllabi is a fun word. Just say it. Syllabi, syllabi, SYLLABI!

My Single's Awareness Day (sometimes called Valentine's day) plans consist of ushering so that I can see a play for free.

It's weird not being involved in theatre this semester. It makes me sad.

This is probably going to take up a whole bunch of space. For no reason other than I needed to update this thing. Maybe the next post will be deep and profound, but not now.

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